We require Digital MASTERS to produce Show-Time spots. If you require it, we can arrange for our lab to use your elements to complete the TRANSFER process for creation of the MASTERS (expanded deadlines and additional charges will apply - speak to your rep).

Important – Sound Level Restrictions

Cineplex Entertainment requires a loudness level that does not exceed an average of 82 dB on D-Cinema, D-Cinema 3D elements. This standard is based on measurements by the Dolby LEQ Meter, which gives a numeric value to a loudness average over the length of a commercial. The sound level of 82 dB is considered internationally to be the acceptable maximum level.


Blockbuster movies, huge screens, sound that rocks your seats. There is no better, bigger or more effective place to talk to your consumers than in our cinemas. Show-Time advertising runs just prior to the big, bold movie trailers our guests look forward to and enjoy. There are zero distractions (no other screens competing for consumers' attention here), just our guests watching your commercial the way it was meant to be seen.