Le magazine Cineplex takes the best of Cineplex Magazine's content and combines it with in-depth coverage of Quebec's vibrant film industry, creating a magazine just for our country's francophone movie lovers.

Readers can pick it up in theatre lobbies across Quebec, of find their copy in Le Journal de Montréal.


  • Month
    Book By
    Artwork Due
    In Theatres
  • Month February
    Booky By January 11
    Artwork Due January 15
    In Theatres January 30
  • Month March/April
    Booky By February 15
    Artwork Due February 20
    In Theatres March 9
  • Month May
    Booky By April 4
    Artwork Due April 6
    In Theatres April 24
  • Month June
    Booky By Mayl 4
    Artwork Due May 8
    In Theatres May 25
  • Month July
    Booky By July 4
    Artwork Due June 6
    In Theatres June 25
  • Month August
    Booky By July 3
    Artwork Due July 5
    In Theatres July 26
  • Month September
    Booky By August 1
    Artwork Due August 3
    In Theatres August 24
  • Month October
    Booky By August 29
    Artwork Due August 31
    In Theatres September 21
  • Month November
    Booky By October 4
    Artwork Due October 9
    In Theatres October 26
  • Month December/January (2019)
    Booky By November 5
    Artwork Due November 7
    In Theatres November 26

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