Leverage the power of interactivity and transform our guests' mobile devices into interactive controllers, empowering the audience to have their say and engage with the big screen in a big way. TimePlay lets your brand hyper-engage the audience with an immersive, social experience they will remember. Continue the conversation with our guests by delivering targeted offers and rewards directly to players mobile devices! TimePlay also allows brands to gain valuable insights about consumer demographics and behaviour by capturing data against key objectives.

Cineplex TimePlay Delivers


Advertising awareness


Correct brand association



Timeplay Impact Study, 2014-2016 & 2019 Client sponsored games only, Cineplex Insights via Vision Critical

Timeplay Media Solutions

· Interactive Video - leverage existing video assets.

· Customizable Templates - reduced lead time and productions.

· Custom Interactive Experiences.

· AdSync - trigger a real-time offer to mobile devices while your Pre-Show ad is on screen.

· Data and Reporting - audience and gameplay data dashboards.